Friday, June 22, 2012

Preparing To Send The Kid To Ohio State Law School

So after my son was accepted to Ohio State Law School, a million things went through my mind.

"Do we really need another lawyer in the family?"
"Is he going to like it in Columbus?"
"Is this a good move since he already has a successful career?"
"With the family being from Michigan, will he get attacked at Thanksgiving?"

These were all legitimate thoughts (save, possibly, the last one) that went through my mind. It gets pretty solid reviews from the major publications, as Moritz ranked 39th in the US News reports and the class size seemed to make perfect sense as well, so I was pretty happy with how things looked on paper.

Additionally, the program is heavily recruited with more than 100 recruiters visiting each year - which eases my mind that a smart kid like mine will be able to land a job. Not to mention their rates for passing the bar exceeds 90%, that's also another notch in the cap of the program and something that sells well to a parent. While the school is largely regional in its recruiting, I'm perfectly happy seeing my kid stay nearby after he finds a job!

Most importantly, he was comfortable with his decision. Probably the most important bit, but hey, now my nerves are at ease and I can focus on being a parent!

So what do parents do? They go overboard buying stupid things to celebrate, and of course I felt the need to outfit my wife and my son in as much Ohio State Buckeye merchandise as possible. Here's a few things that we picked up that I got a kick out of:

Ohio State seat covers. Found these on Amazon and thought they'd look great in his Tahoe!
Ohio State drinking gear. Once they hit law school I figure I should be doing the part two - for adults.

Anyhow, looking forward to the next few years and collecting more Buckeyes stuff as a semi-fan!


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