Monday, May 13, 2013

What Do I Get with a GMC Extended Warranty?

2007-2010 GMC Sierra photographed in Kirkland,...
A GMC extended warranty may be the best choice for your vehicle. There are pluses and minuses to the warranty. Some things are covered while some are not. In order to ensure that everything remains covered, you need to keep up with recommended maintenance for your car or truck. The GMC extended warranty covers a lot of the basic automotive repairs that your car or truck will need. It is considered to be a service contract and it covers primarily the essentials. For many people, purchasing an extended warranty for their vehicle provides them with peace of mind.

You can get a GMC extended warranty for both new and used cars and trucks. The warranty covers parts and the labor costs associated with fixing them. It also covers towing in certain situations if your vehicle breaks down on the road.

There are specific parts to your GMC car or truck that are covered by the extended warranty. If you have a mechanical problem with one of these parts, you can have it repaired at any GMC dealership across the country. The four covered components are the engine, the transmission and the transaxle, the front/rear-wheel-drive assemblies, and the fuel system. You can also purchase a separate extension that covers corrosion to the vehicle. If you live near a body of water, this is a good idea. Rust and corrosion are more than just unsightly annoyances, they can actually wear away at your vehicle’s body and cause stability problems.

In addition to repairing these systems and covering the cost of labor, there are benefits to getting a GMC extended warranty for your car and truck. The warranty comes with roadside assistance that is available to you 24 hours a day.

Not everything is covered in the GMC extended warranty. The extended warranty only covers basic wear and tear on the systems. Repairs to the various parts are not covered by damaged caused if the vehicle has been in an accident. Also, the car or truck must be properly maintained. Failure to properly maintain the vehicle voids the warranty. Also, if you use any aftermarket products on the car, the warranty will become void as well. Don’t install anything new on the vehicle or alter the engine components in anyway if you want to remain covered. To remain in good standing, make sure you following all the recommendation maintenance guides, such as routine oil changes. Tire and wheels are not covered.


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  2. You can negotiate it down. Those extended warranties, even 'from the dealer', generally aren't from the manufacturer. They are essentially 3rd party insurance. And the dealer can make a LOT on them. I believe you can look up the prices of typical extended warranties on Kelly Blue Book, but they definitely have a lot of room. My wife wanted the 7 yr warranty on her Mazda 3 when we bough it in 2005. They wanted originally $2100 for it. I think I got it for around $900.

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