Friday, October 11, 2013

Is A Ford Extended Warranty Better Than One From GM?

2008 Ford Taurus photographed in Gaithersburg,...

I previously talked about the benefits of a GMC warranty (all of a couple of blogs ago), but as a Ford owner as well, I thought it would be worth a bit of time to discuss the differences between the two plans and decide if one is worth more than the other.

First, Ford's extended warranty is officially a "service plan" and it goes by the name of Ford ESP (Extended Service Plan). I got mine online from and I got a MUCH better deal than I would have at the dealership. 

So, just a quick note, from my past experience NEVER buy an extended warranty at the dealership. They try to catch you at a moment of weakness and you don't have a chance to compare the price you can get anywhere else. Many of the dealerships have separate websites (like the one I purchased from) and you can get a substantially sweeter deal going this route. Trust me.

There are a few different options for your Ford ESP plan, the top notch plan is their Premium Care package, which works similarly to my GMC Warranty. So far, so good, as I've had a couple of repairs at the dealership and they've all fallen within the realm of my ESP coverage. For the most part I've found both warranties to work very similarly. On my Taurus, however, I did find the shopping process to be much easier. Namely because Ford does a VERY good job laying out what's covered and what isn't with each of their plans. As a fairly knowledgeable gear head, it's nice to be able to make an educated decision as to what components you want covered. If the car was a little older I may have dropped down to the Base care package. But for the time being I want things covered.

Anyhow, moral of the story is that GMC and Ford extended warranties have treated me well, so it may be a good option for you as well. But just be sure to shop around before you pull out your wallet!


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  4. I have a question tell me if it makes sense. I just bought a 2007 gmc Yukon denali from a FORD dealer. Probably a bad idea but I purchased the ford base care esp and of course within the first week the back window doesn't roll up, the heated steering wheel doesn't work, and the lift gate doesn't close. So I go to the dealer and first thing he says is it's not cover by the warranty he sold me. What??? It says on the warranty that electrical is covered. So he says yes but that's different he says. What do you mean sir? It says electrical switches! He says take it to the Chevy dealer. I think he sold me a bogus warranty for a ford just to make a buck knowing that it won't cover gmc. So now what do I do? Please help this is my first car that I purchased. I bought it 12/30/13. Why is he giving me the runaround? Thanks

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